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The Whole World over Vicenza

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The whole world over Vicenza


If the Padana Plain, with the mountainous spurs that surround it and where in ancient times the sea waves broke, could show the structures and ancient roads that are hidden under its surface, the underground towns of the Anatolian Cappadocia would became a very pale thing. But as the conditioning of the conditional is called “military secret” unfortunately we can’t “uncover” the Padana plain searching for deep and ancient vestiges, we could come across, without willing, in recent structures and highways related to safety of our country or, better, to those of our friends and allied that for sixty years made themselves at home into bowels and costal deepness of our country (and not only under the Padana plain and its neighboring high grounds).
The USAense (non native American) military presence in the north east is a delicate question, that can be guessed, and touches the sensitivity of these people more than officially one can suppose.
Natural, so, the media rebound provoked by the story on L’Espresso issue # 38 dated September, 28 2006. The review reveals the intentions of the allied USAenses (non native Americans) could have about the Vicenza military base, already occupied by them and better known as Ederle barracks.
The “Fighting Punch” project – that should rise the soldier number within 2010, starting from 2007, from about actual 6.000 to about 8.000 – contemplates the acquisition in use of the civil and military airport area of Dal Molin, in this moment not much utilized.
In the Dal Molin area, it will be installed all the USAense 173rd Airborne Brigade – that will be transformed into the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team, the fire force of a Division collected in a single mobile mallet – divided at present between Italy (Vicenza) and Germany (Bamberga and Schweinfurt).
According to US plans, revealed by L’Espresso, in Vicenza should arrive «55 M-1 Abrams tanks, 85 armoured fighting vehicles,
14 mobile heavy mortars, 40 Humvee jeeps with electronic reconnaissance systems, two units of remote controlled spy airplanes “Predator”, an intelligence unit with every kind of weird electronic stuff, two artillery sets with mobile howitzer, the deadly Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) – at the end – the review continues – enough to cancel a metropolis».
But the US Southern European Task Force (SETAF), together with US Army in Europe, considering wrong and misleading some points of Roberto Di Caro’s review published by L’Espresso, has issued an official press release where is affirmed that, on the hypothesis if it will be realized the settlement, the total number of soldiers present in Vicenza will increase from the actual 2.900 to less than 5.000.
In fact the Setaf release explains that «Once the whole Brigade will be consolidated, the 173rd ABCT and support units will increase the soldiers present in Vicenza from the actual 2.900 to a total of less than 5.000».
Than, if and when, the four battalions that compose the 173rd ABCT will transfer in a part of Dal Molin area (about 40 hectares), Vicenza surely wont become «the most powerful American base in Europe» (as L’Espresso writes) underlines the Setaf release.
So, in Vicenza and Germany no tanks, no M-1 Abrams nor Bradley armored vehicles. As confirmed by colonel Preysler, 173rd commander, on another US military magazine, “Stars and Stripes”: «Some units should change: out M-1 and Bradley tanks, starting from this year, for the most agile Humvees».
Motivation: «Since iron curtain fell – says Hertling – we have no enemies on the east frontier, so we don’t need anymore great armored divisions (…) Because now the war is above all against terrorism».
To underline this statement by Brigade General Mark P. Hertling, responsible of strategic US reorganization in Europe:
and also to underline his other statement «By year 2010 there will be no tank units here in Europe». And we also underline that, in support of Setaf, from the Pentagon, Navy Commander Joe Carpenter declared that «It is not on the US defense plan to create huge (military) structures on the other side of the Ocean».
Well. So why, if danger doesn’t come from east anymore, anti-missile systems are placed in Czech Republic and Poland. «The idea is to set the radar system in Czech Republic and build in Poland the underground facilities for ten interceptor missiles».
As published by Repubblica newspaper in an article dated in last 22 January with the emblematic title: “Russia: USA anti-missile system in Poland threatens Moscow”. And why, on the same article, general Vladimir Popovkin, commander and responsible for Space Technology Army division declares: «Our analysis demonstrate that the US base could be a clear menace to Russia».
The US – the article goes on – are investing billions dollars every year for the realization of Missile Defense Initiative (MDI), the so called ‘anti-missile shield’, a system that combines a long range radar and ballistic missile with atomic, bacteriological or chemical warheads. «We have some doubt that Iranian or North Korean missiles could cross Poland or the Czech Republic», underlined general Popovkin, answering indirectly to the reassuring statements of the US under-secretary of State Daniel Fried: «We believe that building an anti-missile infrastructure in Poland or Czech Republic should reinforce in a significant manner the European defenses».
And again, why Russian President Vladimir Putin, as reported in a Corriere della Sera’s article of the past February, 11th 2007, attending the Conference on Safety, that since 1962 assembles every year in Munich, Germany, politicians, military and experts from the all world, declared:

«Today we are assisting to an almost unchained use of force in the international relationships. A Country, the United States, overcame in every sense its national boundaries. This is very dangerous, because no one feels safe and repaired under the international dirict and because this feeds a rearmament rush, with many nations determinated in providing themselves with the nuclear weapon».

Putin, in his speech, faced also the question of the Nato (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) expansion to the European frontiers of Russia. It’s been hard words: «The expansion till the Russian frontiers is a serious matter that reduces the reciprocal reliance. I don’t understand which sense has to build new Nato bases and infrastructures toward East, when the real global dangers are terrorism and WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction). We have the right to ask were have gone your warranties, given when the Warsaw Pact was solved, that no Atlantic troops would ever stand Eastwards of Germany».
The Russian President referred to the American projects of using the Czech Republic’s and Polish territories for new sophisticated anti-missile systems: «We have weapons able to neutralize those systems», admonished the USA and also warned them about solution projects for the Kosovo question that should not fully satisfy either Serbians than Kosovars; a position not so far from the one taken by German Prime Minister Angela Merkel.

For the minimization of the number of US soldiers (US military authorities assure maximum 5 thousands) that should take place in Vicenza, why then, on the Giornale di Vicenza dated January, 17th 2007, Marino Quaresimin, Vicenza’s ex Mayor and leader of the Margherita Group (democratic party) at Vicenza’s Town Hall – so we must consider him well informed – affirms: «The new base has already requested hydro supplies for 30 thousands inhabitants, and many Vicenza’s water layers are in suffering.

Only the junctions for water and gas systems will cost 9 million Euros, that Americans wouldn’t pay». The ex mayor, restless, does also an other notable statement, showing his total disagreement with Prodi’s assence to the doubling of the “Ederle” base on the Dal Molin area: «decide, as he’s doing, to reduce it in a local town-planning, matter, showing no interest in kindly giving an airport to an American base (and, pay attention, not a Nato’s), relieving it to a town, should be serious». But at the end, Ederle is USAense or Nato. A question that is useful only to know if Italy is doing a favor to Nato or USA, and the answer could not leave indifferent the observers, maybe dressed by journalists. But let’s also report an article by Liberazione dated January, 19th 2007 where are mentioned the Vicenza’s council hall discussions, I literally quote: «Upstairs, in Bernarda Hall, (…) Town Council starts to discuss about Dal Molin, with good peace of the agenda. The opposition councilors want to know if there will be a referendum – rejected – if there will anyway be the mega-subdivision next to the new base and how the local municipal utilities will face the US requests of electricity (a 9 million Euros system) and water (850 thousands Euros for water pipes, 180 meters deep)».
Plans for occupying the Dal Molin area were ready since March 2005 (forecasting a total cost of one billion dollars) and are inserted in a more complex picture of strategic review of US bases dislocated in Europe.
In this European scenario Vicenza should assume the task of principal base.
A high cost, so, but the most delicate works – about military installations – can’t be than out of normal procedures and will be assigned to affordable companies (for USA) and so, not Italian or controlled by Italians.
Concerning the civil systems, Il Giornale dated Wednesday January 24th, 2007 brings to knowledge that since November 17th, 2006 the US Navy started procedure that will assign the tasks in order to enlarge the Vicenza military base. In fact on the web has been published a notice of a next ban that will assign these works (pre-solicitation notice). Companies interested can define their interest til March 6th, to give notice and ask for informations. The tender, base 310.150.000 Euros, can be examinated at www.esol.navfac.navy.mil, the Naval Facilities Engineering Command of US Navy web site. If you want to enter the site (there is an Italian little flag that guides you) to give notice of your interest, you must first create an account. The inverse auction regarding civilian works (military ones are part of those not publishable, simply because are covered by military secret, naturally). Works to be realized are houses, warehouses, supermarkets, roads, messes, sport installations, shops, a post office, an hotel, parking, laundries, pedestrian crossings and green areas, enclosures and hall controls. Well, the writer on the Il Giornale, makes notice, mockingly, among the companies that recommended themselves for the tender there are, literally I report: «three Coop, the lefts building industry colossus: CMC (Cooperativa muratori cementisti) of Ravenna, CMR (Cooperativa muratori riuniti) of Ferrara and CCC (Consorzio cooperative costruzioni) of Bologna». There is nothing to add, I believe, business is business, and the building cooperatives, must work too.

But let’s return to Dal Molin military occupation request.
US generals assure that is not in their intentions to use the Dal Molin airport strip and that soldiers will be moved, from Vicenza to Aviano, by bus and at night.

For better understanding this affirmation we must well consider that Aviano (the primary center of operations) and the Vicenza base (that USA consider “in proximity” to the Aviano base) are divided by more than one hundred kilometers.

Clearly, generals think that the Mestre Highway Routing, at night, is more accessible, or they imagine as already existing a different path not yet built, or maybe, they think about using something already existing, but deeply under the road surface (No, this cannot be said, we promised not to “uncover” the Plain, so consider it as not said).
So are verifiable, at least officially, the connection difficulties between Aviano and Vicenza. So why US militaries just want Dal Molin?
Tuesday, January 16th, during the TV show Ballarò, D’Alema, Italian Minister for Foreign Affairs, revealed that Italian Government offered to the US militaries a wide area close to the Aviano Base. With this solution the 173rd Airborne Brigade would have been near to its primary center of operations. Nothing to do, USAenses militaries answered, it’s too late, the projects about Vicenza are in execution, or at Dal Molin or we go in Germany.

But if the question is really limited to the grade of execution the projects are in, why threaten to go in Germany. Maybe also in Germany there are some projects already at a high level of execution as those in Italy?

Or is it under Dal Molin the real reason for which no other area is proposable. Maybe it’s under the Dal Molin that have already been built those functional structures for the official Ederle doubling. Is it already under, much under, the Dal Molin the Ederle2?
The threat to choose Germany, as an eventual obliged choice, is anyway launched. Likely the threat could be figured as a little help for a refractory Italian Government.
Immediate alarm from more than seven hundred civilian Italians that is said work at the Ederle base in Vicenza: “We are Here too!!!” they let us know.
It’s like if the Government, providently, should decide to not let Telecom Italia (the biggest Italian ex-public telco company) to oppress Italians anymore with their fee and ten thousands Telecom workers should walk in the streets, correctly as the Ederle ones, to defend their job. In this case you have two choices:

  1. To protect Telecom workers you agree to pay for lifetime a flat fee that has already re-paid, nobody can know how many times, the line that from your home arrives to the telephone exchange (open 24×7 and affordable to anyone, could add some malign detractor who doesn’t want to matter at their own business).
  2. It is not ok for you not to pay the Telecom flat fee anymore and you make pressure on your political parties in order to obtain that the Government will takes care in some way of the Telecom strikers working for their re-placement.

I’m not asking what you would choose, in order to avoid that the Ederle barrack demonstrating civil workers (and the Telecom workers that might be in future difficulties) could feel offended, finding out that public interest could prevail on their, even legitimate, but particular interest.

The miraculous solution, in this muddled situation, classically Italian, is owned by the US ambassador Ronald Spogli initiative.
Which argumentations have been supported, can not be known. Enrico Hüllweck, Vicenza’s Mayor, out coming the impression caused by the L’Espresso article, declared that facing those serious news he was for the “no”. Then, through the collateral diplomacy of Silvio Berlusconi (by the way, he’s always an ex Prime Minister), Hüllweck obtains an audience with the US ambassador, and then decides that yes, the doubling of the base can be done, let the Government say “no”.
Prodi is not inferior. The Prime Minister hesitates (it is not an easy choice, as we can realize), the question regards the Vicenza Town Council, the Government will align itself to it’s choice.
Ambassador Spogli communicates that, sending to the Government a dossier, Washington is waiting for an answer in a very short time.
USA make pressure in order to have from Italy a clear reply if it’s intentioned to give an approval or not to the Vicenza base doubling; they also dictate times: within January 15th, then the deadline will be prolonged to 19. It’s Prodi that brakes the delay; in fact on January 17th, from Bucarest where he is in visit, declares: «I’ll communicate to the US Ambassador that the Italian Government doesn’t oppose to the decision, taken by the previous government and the Vicenza Town Council, as the Vicenza military base should be widened», in addition he adds that his Government «engaged to follow the local community advice». Two “wrong foot” decisions that you don’t know if to list under “tactic craftiness” title, or “strategic intelligence” title.
But, the ball rebound between the Prime Minister and Vicenza’s Mayor is a false passage, because the ball has never been played. In fact Vicenza’s Mayor Enrico Hüllweck, underlined that a positive opinion had been given by the Town Council and the existing legislation doesn’t allow a consultative referendum in these cases.
So, everything is resolved, even if Vicenza’s population has been deprived of their right to decide, even with only a consultative referendum, about a so delicate question as the reinforcement of a military base under, inside and around their hometown.
The answer from the inhabitants of Vicenza has not to be waited too much. A presidium is formed by the heterogeneous world of lateral society and consistent sectors of Vicenza people. www.altravicenza.it web site, collects initiatives of the inhabitants of Vicenza that don’t want to feel themselves expropriated of the right to decide of their future.
News that chase each other on newspapers and TV speak about the doubling of a base that must receive other militaries, those task is to intervene in various war scenario against Islamic terrorists, as confirmed by the USAenses military leaders. Vicenza town-dwellers are alarmed, and how couldn’t they be? The thing that cannot be overcastted is that the opposition to the doubling of the base is entering in the non politicized town-dwellers homes, and they are many, in the now become militarized small town of Vicenza. On the contrary, it’s a good thing that political forces make themselves aware that the mistrust toward the Town Council, that denied the consultation to town-dwellers about a so delicate question, is creating a representation crisis that can’t be reduced, or worst minimized, to pacifists, greens and structural “angry” people (that cannot be anyway criminalized in a preliminary way).
It is shaping, and has not yet ended to structure itself, a people movement that is an illusion to suppose that could be controlled by any political party. Analysis attempts of a gestating movement like this should consider that. And more, Vicenza’s youth, also those attending religious structures, are certainly attentive to what is happening and aren’t intentioned in no way to stay in second line or been manipulated.
A popular movement, therefore, where women, or better entire families, aren’t silent, aware as they are that behind the question of the base (USA and not Nato as affirmed by the ex Mayor Marino Quaresimin), it’s standing out a dark future, where new generations will perceive peace only as a dream.
A popular movement, decided and aware, that demonstrates to be able of reaction at the attempt to deprive Vicenza of its right to a serene future.
A hard reaction that recalls the opposition to military bases that took place in Japan, in March 2006. The open rebellion of thousands of people, associations, local communities against the USAenses bases in Japan assumed unexpected dimensions.
Local people were alarmed and worried for the effects of the gigantic relocation of US army in their territories.
If the reorganizing US plan of the Iwakuni Base (located in Yamaguchi prefecture in central Japan) would take place, not only the airplanes of the base would double reaching 130 units, but the same Japanese base should became the biggest US base worldwide.

And we could also suppose that USAenses military organisms didn’t have the need to justify the doubling and the gigantic development of their Japanese bases with the necessity of equip themselves against Islamic terrorists.

What Japanese government didn’t expect was the hard and surprising reaction of a huge number of local communities. Even local governments, guided by conservative forces, under the push of their people, had to deny their approval to the execution of the military widening plans in their territories.
Even if they shared with the government the Japanese – USAense safety treaty, supported the public politic of “coexistence on a prosperity base”.
From Hokkaido to Okinawa. 12 prefectures and 43 among towns and villages (those are very big numbers for the small Japan) the popular mobilization was massif. It will be enough to remember that last year March 5th, in Ginowan town (Okinawa prefecture), 35.000 people manifested against the government project to build a new air base near Nago City coast.
Demonstrators asked for the closure of the Futenma base reporting the circumstance that USAenses airplane flights exceeded the number of 10.000 in contraposition to 2003.
In those same days, a year ago, Japanese government permitted at the Iwakuni town the consulting referendum (denied, a year later, to Vicenza’s inhabitants). In fact Iwakuni people, on March 12th, 2006, where called for a consulting referendum on the approval or not of US bases reinforcement.
At the polls rushed the 58,68 % of the having right of vote. The “no”s were 43.433, the “yes”s were 5.369. An unexpected result because the conservative daily papers and big communication media were mobilized; Everyone invited to prudence, because if the consulting result would have denied the government accords, this could have been a reason to tighten the good relationships between Japan and USA.

The Italian Government won’t need to expect or not this deny. In fact Vicenza’s Mayor, supported by the majority of his Town Counselors, has already denied to the Vicenza inhabitants the right to express them in a consultation. Unless the Ministry of the Interior, not just worrying for the presence of violents in the February 17th, manifestation, will decide to create the normative conditions for a consulting referendum regarding the Ederle barrack widening. At list let’s do as in Japan at Iwakuni.
The common Problems of the two towns could represent a good motivation for a popular twinning. Also considering that Italian and Japanese constitutions have in common an article that decrees the war refusal as the resolving way of international controversies.
(It doesn’t result that representatives of the Country that imposed this limitation have an analog one in their constitution, mostly after September 11th, 2001).
It must be reminded, as chronicle duty, that Katayama Toranosuke, Group chief of Liberal Democratic Party (PLD) at the High Chamber, preventively, declared that «Safety and defense are in range of authority of the Government» and, anyway, «The referendum constitutes an example of local egoism».
Also in Italy, the day after the big manifestation of February 17th, in Vicenza, the Prime Minister, Romano Prodi, declared that the decision is already taken and the widening of the military base will be done.

That the consulting referendum will be conceded or not, Vicenza’s inhabitants are advised.

On Saturday, February 17th, (of this year 2007 that the US military projects defined as the year in which it should begin a remodeling of the US presence in Italy and then in Europe) it was carried out a manifestation that can’t be underestimated. In procession there were not only entire Vicenza’s families but also representatives of Italian, European and extra European organizations.
This manifestation demonstrates that town representatives of Vicenza have lost consistent pieces of their represented. (Maybe this is the only argument that could oblige Government to push for a partial reverse gear of USA on Vicenza).
In which language the political parties (that agree or not with the base widening) will talk to Vicenza inhabitants, to Italians, because it will be at least understandable (acceptable is an other question) the local effects of the geo-politic and geo-strategic decisions assumed by Italy under the militarily push of the most powerful, for now, State on our world.
A cross section of the confused language that parties, and institutions representatives, speak when they take care of the Country system, is represented by what is recently happened around the Susegana village.
Between the end of January and the first days of this year, has rebounded on the press the news that near Piave, on the Susegana territory, during some works on a military oil pipeline, without that local town offices were acknowledged, had been found unexploded wartime devices. According with the press articles, it should be an oil pipeline in which it should flow powered fuel for military airplanes, that should join Vicenza with Aviano and should be completely unknown to local town offices.
The fat was in the fire! General alarm. So, there is evidences (the unknown military pipe-line) that USA had already prepared the military use of Dal Molin Airport, and this in spite of assurances given by first level US military representatives.
In reality, as after verified, the tube diameter, of about 4 inches, is suitable only for the Piave river-bed crossing connecting two storage deposits, certainly not too far each other; or has the simple function to connect a storage deposit with a single user.
On the other hand, if really exists a pipe-line connecting Vicenza to Aviano, distant about 100 kilometers one from the other, the pipe should have a diameter at least six times larger to grant resistance and durability and the capability of answer to eventual future delivery increases.

And more, it should not be a direct pipe, but it should be build by underground storages (that should be collection and distribution centers of other pipes connected to other structures existing on the path), together with pumping groups.

If then, for example (let’s just suppose) there should be in the underground between Aviano and Vicenza, a net of tunnels, the same pipes, always by the cluster principle (stellar distribution storages), could run along the tunnels walls so to make them easily controlled and maintained.

It’s obvious that if this is the truth, in the last twenty years, there should be no sense in building new pipe-lines too close to the surface, like those of the previous decades, for which it is still necessary to dig for reaching and undertaking them to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

But how much would the US aircrafts of new generation be dependant on petrol. Electro-magnetic or Magneto-Hydro-Dynamic (MHD) engines, so to name a few, should have longtime passed the trial period.

About the finding of unexploded bombs, going back to press news, it is not to be considered an exceptional event, as on the entire national territory. Mostly if we consider the “allied” bombing intensity that the area had to undergo, during World War II, targeting the bridges on the Piave river.
In fact, entering the Susegana town hall site, in the first days of February you would have learned that had been found other unexploded bombs inside a builder’s yard next to “Ponte della Priula” (Priula Bridge) and that it had been fixed on November 19th, 2006, the date for people removal, in order to defuse in safety those bombs.
News rebounded on the press, regarding the military pipe-line finding showed evident incongruities.
Incongruities that pushed myself to ask for an interview with Susegana Mayor, architect Gianni Montesel. The interview was accorded and took place, not recorded, in the Mayor’s municipal office.
What emerged is really amazing.
Susegana municipal offices are advised, together with military authorities, that during some digging works in proximity of the Piave river there have been found unexploded war devices. There was no evidence for the municipal offices that, in that area, digging works were pending, so they asked, obviously, for explanations. The enterprise communicated that it was doing works on a Nato pipe-line and that it had all the necessary authorizations without needing municipal ones.
It’s worthy, at this point, to let directly speak the news published about the Nato pipe-line, presenting and commenting them in a chronological order.

Saturday, January 27th,

Il Piave online published an article about Russian Gas stocked in the Susegana subsoil, the Treviso village those Mayor is architect Gianni Montesel. The Mayor opposes to the Snam project to let the pipe-line passing close to the Susegana castle foundation. In fact the castle stands on an archaeological and landscaping area of interest. The Mayor proposes, as alternative, that the pipe, a 24 inches of diameter, should pass under the Piave river.

It’ here that appears the military pipe-line mention.
The Mayor simply asks that it would be permitted the Piave crossing also to the Snam gas-pipe, as it was permitted to the military pipe that, in addition, didn’t need local and Basin Authority permissions.
Works on fuel pipe – of about 4 inches diameter – came to communal authorities acknowledgment, only for the circumstance that, during diggings, unexploded bombs were found. The devices presence obliged the company that was working on the pipe-line to advise local authorities for the removal.
In the article the phrase ascribed to the Mayor is the following: «We say that a solution should be found along the Piave path because shorter and less impacting, but the river Basin Authority said that it cannot be done. – Montesel affirms – It must be said that only a few months ago a founding of a bomb, during some works on a military pipe-line that just crossed Piave, let us know of it’s existence. No bomb discovery, no one knew a thing. So it’s only a political will question, for that I appeal to Parliament members of our province and to regional counselors in order that what is possible for Nato could also be practicable to a community of citizen that is asking to be listened to».
Susegana Mayor, simply did free himself of some small stones from his shoes. From one side there is the hard fact of a military pipe-line (of about 4 inches) that crosses the river bottom without any normative obstacle, on the other hand there is a Snam gas-pipe that should cross an area of historical, archaeological, landscaping interest and that Susegana village proposes in alternative that it should pass under the Piave river-bed in order to protect it’s territory integrity, in the middle there is the Basin Authority that uses elastic weights and measures when it must analyze a military pipe-line, and, on the opposite, rigid weights and measures when it must decide of a civil gas-line, surely of a 24 inches diameter (on the other side it’s gas and not fuel) and doesn’t in consider at all that motivations for the proposed deviation have simply the finality to protect landscaping and archaeological binding areas. That’s all.

Sunday, January 28th,

Il Gazzettino di Treviso holds back the “Il Piave” news.
Il Gazzettino, misrepresenting Mayor claims, states that a bomb was found in November (but this one is an another bomb), while the founding related to the Nato pipe-line happened in October 2006.

Monday, January 29th,

La Tribuna di Treviso publishes an article titled: “On the Piave a pipe-line for the US bases” and under titled: “Mayor casually discovers the Aviano-Vicenza, it’s squall”. Then suddenly appears on the Piave a pipe-line that supplies gasoline to Aviano and Vicenza bases. A Rifondazione Comunista leader communicates that «this pipe-line will be a focal point of the debate (…) The pipe-line development, it seems, is directly connected to the Vicenza military bases doubling». After the bomb-day on November, 19th, activities on the pipe restarted and quickly carried out. In the same time the Water Magistrate Office insists to consider inadmissible a similar operation for the Snam gas-pipe.

The question suddenly takes an unexpected turn that in no way can be ascribed to Mayor Gianni Montesel declarations. And media rebound evidently does the rest.

Monday, January 29th,

On the January 29th, 2007, # 99 session, Severino Galante, Deputy of the Comunisti Italiani Party and member of the Defense Chamber Commission presents a parliamentary question with written answer, addressed to the Italian Defense Minister. The question premise is based on press news, from where it should be known that it should been permitted the Aviano-Vicenza pipe-line development, that «runs on the Piave gorge, to transport powered fuel, till now used to let take off airplanes from the forward position of Nato base in Aviano». (…) «The discovery of this mega pipeline – the investigation continues – seems to have happened by chance during the month of October, as there was a discharging operation about WWII bombs fond in that area; it looks like that the pipes are brand new, of a 20 centimeters diameter». Questioner asks if the Government is aware of these operations (works) and how it will verify if fuel will serve Vicenza’s base coming from Aviano or vice versa.

It’s legitimate to prepare a Parliament investigation on the mere base of press news if the investigator has no way to directly verify at the origin the news appeared on the press. So we can only be astonished on finding out that a Deputy of the Italian Republic, member of the Defense Commission can’t directly acquire the correct information that would have let him base an eventual question on incontrovertible documents.

Tuesday, 30 January

Il Messaggero Veneto entitles “Work on the Aviano-Vicenza pipeline, it’s polemic”, and subtitles: “Mayors don’t know anything, the question in Parliament: interventions without authorization. The net should supply the fuel to new USA doubled base in Veneto”. «According to Comunisti Italiani – article goes on – it should be at list a doubling of the pipes dimensions». In the article there is also a heavy claim by Honorable Member Galante: «We acquire the news that it should be in course in Treviso area works for developing the pipeline that connects Aviano US base with US base settled in Vicenza. – Galante explains – It seems that above mentioned works for doubling this pipeline, undertaken to military secret, should be authorized by NATO to carry powered fuel till now used to take off airplanes from forward position in Friuli».

Thursday, February 1st,

On Ministry of Defense site is published a press release by Minister Arturo Parisi. First press release line says: “Ministry of Defense specification on pipeline works NATO-Vicenza-Aviano”. «Regarding news recently reported by press organs, relating to works defined of reserved nature concerning a NATO pipeline», communicate informs that: «NATO POL (Petroleum Oil and Lubricant) system, totally financed by NATO, have been realized, on sixties ending, with purpose of supplying airplanes and terrestrial crafts fuel to some leading north-north east military airports. In particular those of Ghedi (BS), Villafranca (VR), Istrana (TV), Aviano (PN), Rivolto (UD) and Cervia (RA). It’s underlined that “Dal Molin” Vicenza airport is not fed by that net».
And also communicate states that: «Pipeline crosses 6 regions, 17 provinces and 136 villages, its trek is signed in surface by road signs (one every 200 meters) with “State Administration” writing and so it doesn’t hold secrecy character; (…) works to which press news refer are related to put in security of a Piave basin tract that, due to its particular position, undertakes river-bed natural evolutions; works execution has been authorized by Veneto Region and Treviso Civil Engineers Office, acknowledged of the activity, gave communication to Defense on June 2006».

Communicate title refers to Nato Vicenza-Aviano pipeline and, from the communicate main body, we receive information that Vicenza Dal Molin airport is not fed by “NATO Pol System”. How should be interpreted this official press release of our Defense Ministry.

Friday, February 2nd,

Who enters, on this date, the Giornale online site finds the following title: “Government reply to senator Severino Galante of Comunisti Italiani. NATO infrastructure is not related to bases developing.” Minister: «It’s not a secret, it doesn’t go to Vicenza». War to gas-pipe continues.

I leave out the rest of article that is anyway synthesized by title. Who reads, will note that Deputy Severino Galante is suddenly became Senator. It’s evident that article refers to the above mentioned press release. But the release is not an answer to Senator Severino Galante, that in the end is a Deputy, but has the purpose, as the same title explains, to give specifications on the Nato Vicenza-Aviano pipeline «Regarding news recently reported by press organs». It’s probably this title that deceives (as we’ll see after) who looks for information on the Net, on this day, about the question of a “secret” NATO pipeline “discovered” in Susegana.

Tuesday, February 7th,

Il Giorno, pag. 13, hosts General Mario Arpino intervention again on question of the pipeline that should connect Aviano to Vicenza. General Mario Arpino has been Chief of Defense Stuff from 15 February 1999 till 31 March 2001. Charge at present covered by Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola.

At present Mario Arpino is Vitrociset President. NATO NETMA Agency gave the task of development and direction of the logistic-informative system for stuff direction, maintenance and activity planning of Eurofighter 2000, fighter that will constitute the base of the European aerial defense. Vitrociset is one of the major Italian groups, as dimension and know-how, operating on informatics and electronics high technology and integrated logistic, as one can read on its official site.

General Arpino intervention is strongly ironic toward Susegana Mayor that “casually discovered” a NATO pipeline “evilly omitted to declare” but the same Mayor, “architect Gianni Montesol” writes the General, should be well acknowledged about the profits deriving by Military Servitudes. General goes on keeping the ironic tone: to «avoid (…) errors and (…) poor figures public personages should document themselves». Clearly referring to «Senator Severino Galante of Comunisti Italiani» and Susegana Mayor. So readers of Il Giorno are informed that in north Italy exists a pipeline system, the Nips Northern Italy Pipeline System “extending for a length of about 900 kilometers”, dividing conventionally in three brands, from La Spezia sea terminal to Pol areas of Udine and San Giorgio di Cesena (Forlì) crossing the Collecchio (Parma) knot. Like every system of this type, also the Italian one is formed by fuel introduction points, storage areas, pumping groups, pipelines net, distribution points. Then, General, give his foil thrust: «Nips is a national resource, that serves civil and military airports and have been at the time financed with infrastructural NATO funds, to which Italy, at the time, only participated in a very small measure. Regarding Vicenza tiny airport, upon which one continues knowingly to misunderstand, it’s under everybody’s eyes the fact that it will never be able to host or operate military bomb-fighters divisions». «Oh, I forgot: – concludes General Mario Arpino – these information, not classified, I took them from NATO Handbook, 2001 edition, also published in Italian language and largely diffused, seen that it’s given free to visitors. Or rather, for who want to know more about NATO pipelines, at page 309 there is an explicit invitation to write to Central Europe Pipeline Management Agency (CEPMA), BP 552-78005 Versailles, France – Tel. +331 3924 4900 – Fax +331 3955 6539. It can use it also Mayors and Senators».

In short the pipeline question that reaches Dal Molin is definitively cancelled by this intervention even if, I would let note, without emphasis, to who had the great honor and duty to hold the greatest military charge in our Country after the Republic President’s one that is also in Chief of Armed Forces, that Susegana Mayor’s name is Gianni Montesel and not Montesol (even if this can be a misprint of Il Giorno), and that Severino Galante is Deputy of Republic and not a Senator (but also this mistake can have been induced by wrong information contained on press news and diffused in Internet). For the remaining also our General Arpino wanted to take the occasion, wrapping it of sympathetic irony, to leave himself some little stone from shoes; exactly like Susegana Mayor Gianni Montesel.

But, leaving back NATO pipelines and diverse political languages that are heard around Dal Molin question, we should do the effort to look further to Vicenza.
We should try to understand which are the real motivations of the US military reorganization in the world, and than also in our Country.
Phrase that better collect the sense of what synthetically I try to express is the following: “United States of America want the full control over Earth”. And has no interest justify this phrase with necessity of a great power to stay safe inside its frontiers.
Means, already overbearingly visible, that are being utilized to obtain this control are those connected to finance, to information, to commerce (see WTO – World Trade Organization), to technology.
Commence and democracy, it’s known, walk always together mostly with the external support of non Government Organizations.
Technology is very sophisticated, it deals with climate control, with very special satellite radar that can spy you inside home, as well as look underground. It could even already exist transduction underground airports, seen that around Vicenza someone affirms to have had impressions to see suddenly disappear military airplanes that seemed to be landing.
It will be convenient to joke upon that asking ourselves if about this technology was acknowledged the manifesting disguised as a Star Trek star fleet officer that, during impressive manifestation on last 17 February in Vicenza, marched showing a sign with written: «They promised no airplanes but do they already have tele-transportation?».
Use every means and bend them, at every cost, to US military hegemonic exigencies. At every cost, by what is visible, also at the cost to clash with Atlantic allies as Europe and Canada. Are of public domain, for example, different visions of geopolitics and consequent military reflexes expressed by France and Spain. Is known Canadian disagree to aerial naval US military occupation of north-west passage, become still more important by current melting of arctic ice, for Eurasia control, and part of Europe is already under USAense hegemonic pressure through NATO.

Concerning NATO, we should ask ourselves how much is conditioned by US geopolitics choices and, therefore, which actions it could autonomously undertake, if in disaccord with USA.
And more, our Armed Forces how are independent from USA ones and how much real autonomy have upon the national territory control, and not only upon territory and seas surface. The fact, for example, that a great part of resources destined to defense are utilized for abroad missions demonstrates that dependence from external military choices is already in act.
Abroad troops presence, even presented with the absurd term “peace troops”, could in reality show evidence that our Armed Forces are structuring as support to other and superior military organisms and that, will have, alone, less and less real control upon entire national territory.
«They are bosses at our home», referring to US military, shouted Emilio Franzina at Town Council in Vicenza, before resign for protest as leader of Rifondazione Comunista.
There is a doubt that what is happening in Vicenza represents, just visible, the omitted to say extension of the application of our Constitution’s article 11, just the one recalled by our nice pacifists, as well as full presently in force of military secret “accords” imposed to defeated Italy by principal among winner Countries of World War II.
Which Government would admit, clearly, to be prevented to fully utilize the mandate received by regular democratic elections because of external limitations of sovereignty upon its national territory. (We didn’t see yet rebounds on the press complaints by Iraq President regard sovereignty limitations that his government has on the territory occupied by foreign troops).
Here is article 11 of our Constitution:

Art. 11

Italy rejects war as offense instrument to other peoples’ freedom and as means of international controversy resolutions; permits, in condition of equality with other States, the sovereignty limitations necessary to regulations that assure peace and justice among Nations; promotes and supports international organizations devoted to that purpose.

An article 11 that forces us to look out of our Country, toward other international and planetary councils. But it is not sufficient to refer ourselves to international organisms for understanding in which way we must try to look further to Vicenza.
Let’s try together to observe, if you have one close to you, a map of the world. Try to have within reach some little colored self-adhesive rounds like those also used to select books by colors, just to understand. Have in front of you a map of the world? So you are able to let adhere those little self-adhesives to all territories where US placed their military structures, starting from Soviet Union fall and continuing after twin towers assault until present days.
Now you are directly able to point out, unequivocally, that US military target is to surround and penetrate Eurasian geographic area.
We are talking about one third of world population, one forth of emerged lands, so to understand the quantities in the game.
This surrounding demonstrates USA doesn’t see on its strategic perspectives a multi-polar world. And it’s really the USAense strategic denial to accept a multi-polar world that forced Russia, China and India to make series of collaboration and mutual political support accords.
These accords don’t include only commercial, economic and technological trades but also military accords on missile and aerospace fields.
Even if it could not be pleasant to be told, we must note that are determining comparisons not pacifically athletics. Comparisons that should, unfortunately, create future premises for a clash that, from technological as is at present, could transform into open military confrontation when
one of the two challengers should think to have at disposal the necessary technological level for the final victory.
Seen that we used the word “when”, we have to remind that US military reorganization, regarding Vicenza, must be concluded within 2010. This temporal indication has a strategic/tactic meaning that should certainly be deepened too.
For the moment we take in account that three biggest counties of Eurasia are collaborating for building new airplane engines, nuclear power stations, long-range missiles, together with space carriers. It’s of public domain that Russia and China have the target to reach the Moon. Even if it must be specified that China intends to build alone within 2007 its first space station.
As for technological skills, it’s to be underlined that China, recently, blinded by a laser gun a USAense spy satellite, has shoot down an own obsolete satellite in orbit by a missile. Country of celestial empire, that did incredible progress in a very few years, it’s only from 2003 that started to launch and set in orbit capsules with astronauts.
So it assumes a precise meaning the US intention of «denying the space to others if necessary». The phrase appears on official documents of US Space Command.
Is Earth external space (and who already covers it?) the true motif of friction between US from one side and China and Russia on the other. Who will have the capability to occupy and militarily control external space of Earth will also have the control over the same Earth (even if existing “who already covers it” agrees).

Then here is assuming motivation the giant arming plain of China directed to discourage purposes of US military surrounding.

It must not to be undervalued, on this contest the confrontation in act upon the Internet world net.
During information society meeting (Wsis), happened on 17 November 2005 in Tunisi, China was among promoters of proposal to carry Internet, at this point considered a world-wide patrimony of humanity, under ONU control.
Internet, in fact, was born on the military research field (and it’s well known when military cede something to civilians it means that, technologically, they have greatly surpassed what they ceded).

At present the Net is owned by a private society (Icann) that manages the fundamental knot – and therefore all international branches of web addresses and dominions.
This society only responds to US Commerce Ministry. Naturally US representative opposed to proposal to put Internet under ONU control, while accepted that a commission should constituted for studying the problem and will propose solutions. We shall talk about that at the next meeting: everything postponed to 2010 (again!).
It also must give the necessary geo-strategic importance to circumstance that Russia, China and India maintain regularly common military exercitations. Nor must be considered without importance the fact that on the last two years have much than consolidated reports on strategic and military areas (energy, high technology research on space and military fields).
Historical friendship treaty signed between Russia and China, on 16 July 2001, demonstrated itself, strangely, prophetic and strategic together, if is set on the background the twin towers assault on 11 September of the same year. In fact it’s from that date that started to overbearingly and quickly modify US strategic geopolitics.
You’ll remember the strange submarine earthquake that, on December 2004, hit Bengala Gulf with a disastrous Tsunami.
A very particular Tsunami that while didn’t touching the nearest Australian coasts on the other hand stroke the much more distant Kenya and Somalia coasts. Well you can find in the Net some scientific notes that put in discussion that event “naturalness”. It’s been raised the serious doubt that Asiatic disaster was the effect of new weapons at disposal to US military. So that India, that immediately received helps either from China and Russia, ordered to western forces (USA in chief) to stay distant from their territories (one of hit areas, close to Bengala Gulf, is for India a vast military zone).
«We will prevail» declared, in a sibylline way, President of United States, Bush, in a press conference improvised four days after Asiatic disaster, from his ranch in Crowford, Texas. Bush was forced to intervene because of a lapidary accuse of indifference by Washington Post, that accused him to be the only world leader that was on vacation while entire world was in mourning.

From twin towers tragedy on USA gave greater impulse to a politics of forced steps intending to increase birth of ethnic confessional micro little States.
General tests have been made in Yugoslavia. In the name of ethnic protection it’s been destroyed a multiethnic Country just in front of our Adriatic coasts.
Italy, busy with tangentopoli (Italian for cut land), wasn’t able to take care. Or rather it took care after, participating to war to Serbia military mobilized because didn’t want to loose Kosovo region, Orthodox Christianity cradle (as we didn’t want to loose Lazio as to understand).
As to understand USAenses methodologies turned to determine breakage of interregional unity functional to exigencies of an empire (“divide people and govern them” was roman empire “maxima”) is sufficient to remind what declared by Premier at that time Massimo D’Alema on TV show Porta a Porta.

At night between 6 and 7 March 2006 at 24:15 hour the now Minister of Foreign affairs said substantially: «During Balkan war (Kosovo) United States supported entering of fundamentalist guerrillas at Muslim combatants side against Serbians. We made note the future danger of this choice, but Americans carried on their work and after we saw how this choice was dangerous».
Evidence demonstrates that supporting fundamentalism wasn’t a tactical choice, but a precise and strategic decision, that was also applied in other circumstances.
A tactic that is not limited to sneaky penetration of fundamentalist Islamic combatants. Also let entering well trained people, at suite of non Government Organizations, inside countries close to Russia, for example Ukraine (orange revolution) could better let emerge the viral tactic utilized.
The deafening noise of media rumble to terrorism war hides true motivations of a reorganization and replacement of US troops in the world inside and around Eurasia. US Armed Forces are preparing to use new and more sophisticated weapons, not only of electronic nature, or genetic-chemical (it’s also speaking about micro antimatter bombs), on the next armed conflict in gestation.
Like in a gigantic game, similar to our Risiko, troops – more US than NATO – occupied Afghanistan first, where have placed their underground military bases (close to China and not only, temporarily, close to Iran). So US have started to take care of Caucasian Countries (and their petrol), orphans of the defunct Soviet Empire, then, have occupied Iraq. It’s credibly supposable that also in Iraq (as in Italy and Japan) have been built underground military bases, and, in this case, how could be believable that have occupied deep sites connected to ancient Babylon, made, longtime, visible by their special satellite radar. Hypothesis naturally.
Weekly Panorama on last 15 February revealed the existence of a “secret” report of 12.000 pages preset by internal Iranian opposition. Inside report it should be demonstrated that Iran supply men founds and weapons to Sciite soldiering in Iraq. Credibility of report is believed high, but it must not be a newness for US Intelligence. In fact it’s a longtime that people living at frontiers between two countries see US military airplanes fly their territories. Airplanes that, certainly, didn’t take off from Aviano, but from Iraq territory.
Have passed four years from Iraq military occupation and it must believed credible that US Forces disposes of military airports, perfectly operative on Iraq territory.
Without taking in account aircraft-carriers that station in the neighbourhood and, mostly US super base in Qatar, that’s two steps aside. And then, if really US should believe necessary to launch an air attack against Iran why utilize Aviano. Surface, underground and submarine US bases located in Sicily (and surrounding) are much closer to Iran and therefore more functional, regarding the minor distance, than Italian north east bases.
Really Vicenza and Aviano are principal European sentries against Islamic terrorism? Or, rather, is containing and military pressure on Russia the true motif for which Italian north east was inserted in a more complex and sophisticated reorganization of US military structures in Europe?
During conflict between Israel and Lebanon, caused by Israeli military kidnapping operated by Hezbollah private army, an Israeli missile hit an ONU post killing four observers that were inside the building. Canadian observer, major Hess Von Krodner, one of the four killed observers (other three were an Austrian, a Chinese, a Finland), sent an e-mail to its ex-commander, six days before.
He wrote that Hezbollah used ONU post, where he was as observer together with other three ONU militaries, to shoot against Israeli territory. That’s exactly what he wrote: «What I can tell you is that our post is placed in center of clashes between Israeli and Hezbollah, whose men walk all around, and use it as repair to shoot against Israel. Our post has been under direct and indirect fire of the two parts, either artillery or bombing from the sky. A gun projectile exploded two meters from our post and an airplane bomb at 100 meters. It was not an intentional shot but a tactical necessity».
Why am I reporting this episode? Because I don’t believe that’s a good idea the one of placing a military base inside a town like Vicenza – no military base should ever stay inside whatever town – keeping, by fact, inhabitants of that town hostages and so, as major Hess Von Krodner leaved us written, “enemy” answers – when a conflict explodes – can take shape as tactical necessities that can not keep in account of eventual civil victims.
We are obliged then to note that operation regarding Ederle military base enlargement is strictly coordinated to projected military transformation of 173rd USAense (not NATO) Airborne Brigade into 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team. It’s to this reorganization coordinated to use of lethal and sophisticated weapons, most of them could even be unknown to US Armed Forces mid levels, that was given the name of “Combat Fist”. Only if interpreted in this way the name “Combat Fist” is able to transmit what it encloses: the power of a hammer, collected into the mobility of a closed fist.
We are obliged, at this point to do a particular notation. The closed fist could also be considered representative of ex communist Soviet Union. It can born the heavily strong doubt that hammerclosed fist – in reality doesn’t serve against Islamic terrorist but will have an anti-Russian function?
Are undeniable and visible the US initiatives in order that Palestine and Israel will recognize reciprocally as States and will also recognize reciprocally their right to existence. This demonstrates that USAense diplomacy doesn’t want to maintain to infinite the motivating fundament of Islamic terrorism, in no way, can play a strategic role on USAenses future targets.
For these complex motifs, even if synthetically mentioned, it become necessary to clearly understand if, in a very next future, Italy is preparing to support USA in a military adventure not yet disclosed on world-wide scenario. An adventure that could put in danger people that live around and above US bases, not only on North East, but also on the rest of the Country. Because these same bases and surrounding civil territories could in case of a conflict transform themselves in targets “obligatory and tactics” because of the reaction of a Country that from these bases could receive an attack. It’s exactly what is happened during conflict between Israel and Lebanon: four ONU observers are dead because of Israel military reaction against their post near which started attacks against Israeli territories, as above underlined.
From this information collection comes up a serious and quiet question: Italian citizen, according to their institutional representative, would have the right to know for how much more time, after sixty years passed from last conflict, they will must accept non Italian troops standing on their territory?
It should not be necessary another war to return back into a free and normal Country where alliances and military collaborations among friendly Armies will be realized in other way: they will be based upon equal conditions where, at least, “first among equals” will be home boss.
That’s why from Vicenza we are forced to look further. Further to Vicenza there is Italy and the rest of the world.
It’s the rest of the world that we must start to observe with more attention, before that world, without our knowledge, falls down on us.



Alberto Roccatano

07 June 2007
published by www.nexusitalia.com


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